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Chaztown Jerky

Chaztown Jerky was created to separate itself from other brands, by providing a product that is not only premium but truly a healthy treat.

Once you take one to two bites, there is no turning back! I am a Veteran, certified by the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NAVOBA). Additionally, I am a minority, small business owner, certified through the Office of Minority, and Woman’s Business Enterprise (OMWBE). The 2 flavors that Chaztown Jerky offers are Baby’s Breath, and Dragon’s Breath.

Baby’s Breath is the most amazing piece of meat, uniquely concocted with an array of teriyaki blends and ingredients from all over the world.

And I must emphasize, multiple teriyakis that still provide a healthy alternative to junk food.

When you taste this jerky, you can rest assured that it will give most table setting meals a run for their money.

It is high in protein, low in sodium, low in sugar, and Its tenderness is like a nice Filet mignon which will have the glands repeatedly salivating.

Although it is mild flavor, it has just enough spice to assist in bringing out so many flavors that unconsciously causes you to eat an entire bag in one setting.

Guilt should not be a factor though, as this healthy treat is one of the many reasonings for its creation.

Chaztown Jerky Services

You will be provided with competence and due diligence. A service that is responsive to the customer needs.

Those who taste the jerky will get not only the taste they were quenching for, but the highest level of grass-fed and organic beef.

Developing a culture of respect for the customer. Customer service is a cornerstone of the brand which reflects the values and quality of the product.

Actively will engage in relevant conversations in social media.


Office of Minority & Women’s Business Enterprises, SBA, Disability:IN, SBA, NaVOBA, ACBDE, MBE, DBE, PDBE, SCS, SDVBE, AABE, VOB, SBE

Chaztown Jerky Product

This jerky is not the normal dried, dull, bland, peppery taste. The flavor and aroma are beyond heavenly.

The experience that you are about to have will be everlasting. The spices cannot be mimicked, and the blend of flavors are what makes it so delicious.


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