Plain Jane – Very mild Teriyaki – Buy 6 for $57.00

Plain Jane – Very mild Teriyaki – Buy 6 for $57.00



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Indulge in the sublime tenderness of Plain Jane – a symphony of teriyaki and select ingredients crafted to redefine snacking. Each bite of this jerky is a delicious rebellion against ordinary meals, boasting high protein and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. It’s the flavor adventure you’ve been craving, as enticing as Baby’s Breath, but without the spice, tempting you to savor every last piece in one go. Created with guilt-free indulgence in mind, Plain Jane is your perfect companion, whether you’re scaling mountains, navigating the daily grind, or journeying across skies. Every moment is a chance to treat yourself to this exquisite, satisfying snack. Get ready to be delighted!