Teriyaki Hot

Teriyaki Hot


The teriyaki hot blends you are about to embark on, are from all over the world, striking that perfect balance needed for the texture and savory flavor. My precisely aged, tender beef, is marinated not only in teriyaki hot, but a lot of very non traditional “hot” spices that will surely challenge your tastebuds. However, the pineapple and brown sugar will cool you off without the need of water. The secret to killing a sting on the tongue is a piece of chocolate or a nice red blended wine to pair with one another. This is USDA approved product.

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Dragon’s Breath is a different type of teriyaki blend, which mimics a chemistry project as your mouth will surely be entertained up until approximately 17 seconds. Its teriyaki blends were specifically manipulated so that they cause these perfectly orchestrated hot spices to elevate and release the heat progressively thus giving Dragon’s Breath its name. It is guaranteed that this jerky strikes the perfect balance, so that you can enjoy what you are eating while also giving you just the right amount of spice. Lastly, it is hot, but not too hot, for you not to be able to enjoy something thereafter and you should not have to worry about scouring the neighborhood looking for the nearest fire hydrant.